About Us

Lancaster and Gibbings was formed by Sarah Gibbings and Jim Lancaster in 1994 following short careers in TV set design and special effects.

The vision was simple; to design and manufacturing everything ourselves, to create a range of products with it’s own distinct personality, and (more fundamentally) to be able to make a living from producing our own designs.

For the first few years everything was made in the kitchen and sold at Greenwich Market in London. During these early years we developed our own individual style and, with the range sufficiently developed, launched our product range at our first Trade Fair in 1996.

While some things have changed since then we continue to maintain the same principles and vision. Everything we sell is still designed and manufactured exclusively in our own UK based workshops. We remain passionate about the design and quality and are very proud that everything we produce is not only of the highest quality, but continues to have that distinctive "Lancaster & Gibbings" look.